The Corporation is organized exclusively for charitable educational purposes and for other charitable purposes, including but not limited to:

(a) To coordinate and promote the development, production, distribution, and use of
Free and Open Source Software useful for academic, archival, and research purposes,
including the software packages known as Zotero and Omeka (the “Software”).
(b) To make the Software available for free to the public to use, change, or distribute it
as Free and Open Source Software.
(c) To defend the right of the public to freely obtain, develop, and distribute the Software.
(d) To fund the corporation’s nonprofit activities in part by providing, for a fee, services
related to the Software, such as online hosting of data used in conjunction with the
(e) To promote the use and development of Free and Open Source Software and open
access scholarship.

Board of Directors

Daniel J. Cohen
Northeastern University

Bruce D’Arcus
Miami University of Ohio

Sharon M. Leon
Michigan State University

Kristine Navarro-McElhaney
Arizona State University

Joseph T. Scheinfeldt
University of Connecticut

Sean Takats
George Mason University